Suppose you are sitting in front of your device after a long hectic day, planning to watch something with no remembrance of what kind of movie or show you watched recently. Today, everyone wants an AI equipped online streaming platform that can understand their preferences and taste without merely running on autopilot. And Netflix is leading this battle when compared to other OTT platforms like Amazon Prime and Disney+.

With over 190 million paid subscribers across 192 countries, over 17000 titles across its regional libraries and 160 Emmy Award Nominations in 2020, Netflix is the world’s leading and the most-valued…

Netflix has long been vague about its audience numbers, even the investors rarely see precise viewership figures. In the fourth quarter of 2019, Netflix launched the 2-minutes viewership metric according to which a movie or a series is considered “viewed” if someone watches it for at least two minutes. Yes, you read it right, two minutes. A time measure shorter than the title sequence of some films/series.

Earlier the viewership metric counted only those who watched at least 70% of the movie/series. In explaining the new metric, Netflix mentioned in an article that the two-minute time period is meant to…

The term “Machine Learning” might not mean much to you. You might think of a computer program, like AlphaGo playing the board game Go, calculating the multitude of moves and the possible countermoves. However, when you hear the term “Artificial Intelligence” or AI, it’s more likely for you to have visions of Skynet or a dystopian future in which machines rule and that they have created the Matrix to harness the energy of humans. But, the truth about AI and particularly machine learning is far less sinister. …

Anirban Maity

Final year undergraduate student pursuing B.Sc. Economics at the University of London. Also a Data Analytics and Machine Learning Enthusiast.

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